Преимущества китайских двухфланцевых дроссельных заслонок

июнь 22, 2023 | Новости

Butterfly valves are widely used in fluid control systems due to their compact design, easy operation and cost-effectiveness. Двухфланцевые дроссельные заслонки, also called between flange valves, feature a flanged body construction that allows them to be easily installed between flanged pipe ends.

China has emerged as a major manufacturer and supplier of double flange butterfly valves, offering high quality products at competitive prices.

двухфланцевый дроссельный клапан большого размера

Here Are Some Advantages Of Choosing China-made Double Flange Butterfly Valves:

Variety of materialsChina manufacturers provide valves made from various materials to suit different applications. Common options include cast iron, нержавеющая сталь, углеродистая сталь, alloy steel, и более.

Multiple sizesDouble flange butterfly valves from China are available in a wide range of sizes from 1to 120to match different pipe diameters.

High performanceChina valves meet international standards and offer excellent sealing, durability and functioning. Popular standards include ISO, АНСИ, DIN and JIS.

Competitive pricingBenefiting from China’s low manufacturing costs, competitive economies of scale and efficient supply chains, China double flange butterfly valve offers good value for money.

Short lead timesWith established supply chains and large-scale production capabilities, China factories can efficiently deliver valves within short lead times to meet project schedules.

Reliable qualityReputable China manufacturers have implemented advanced quality management systems to ensure consistent valve quality through stringent processes and inspections.

Customization optionsLeading China factories offer flexible customization options to meet unique project requirements in terms of materials, размеры, ratings, connections, и более.

Aftersales supportMajor China suppliers provide good aftersales service including spare parts supply, installation guidance, maintenance advice and more.

IP protectionThe Chinese government offers foreign IP owners improved protection for their valve intellectual property and registered trademarks.