wafer dual plate check valve

وسائط:Water Oil
Material:Cast Steel
نموذج الاتصال:رقاقة
Pressure:ضغط منخفض

وصف المنتج

اسم المنتجwafer dual plate check valve
TemperatureLow Temperature
SizeDn50-600 2″-24″ 50mm-600mm
حزمة النقلPlywood Case
FunctionNrvr Silence, Sfcv Rubber Lobe
Sealing FormBellows Globe Valve
Production Capacity1000PCS/Month
طلبالاستخدام الصناعي, الاستخدام الصناعي للمياه, الاستخدام المنزلي

Wafer type check valves are commonly used in piping systems to prevent backflow of fluids, such as water, oil, or gas. They are typically installed between flanges and do not require any additional support or brackets.
Wafer type check valve manufacturer are a versatile and widely used valve type factory that can be applied in a variety of industries and applications where preventing backflow of fluids is critical to the safe and efficient operation of equipment and systems.

wafer type check valve manufacturer