dual disc check valve

Material:Cast Steel
Temperature:Ordinary Temperature
Pressure:Ordinary Pressure

وصف المنتج

اسم المنتجdual disc check valve
FunctionDdcv Double Lobe, Nrvr Silence, Sfcv Rubber Lobe, Nrvz Silence, Nrvg Silence
Sealing FormMetal Seal
حزمة النقلby Plywooden Case
BodyA216 Wcb
Production Capacity500tons/Month
طلبالاستخدام الصناعي, الاستخدام الصناعي للمياه, الاستخدام المنزلي

China dual disc check valve is applicable for various pipelines with norminal pressure of PN1.0MPa-42.0MPa, Class150-2500 and nominal diameter
of DN15-DN1200, NPS 1/2″-48″ and working temperature of -196ºC up to +540 ºC to be used for pretecting from medium backflowing.
The different materials selection can apply to the medium involving water, oil, nitric acid,, acetic acid, strong oxidizing medium and urea , إلخ.

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