double orifices air vavle

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Valve Structure:Direct-Acting Piston Structure

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اسم المنتجdouble orifices air vavle
Working Pressure0.15-0.9MPa
Max Pressure1.2MPa
Coil TypeDIN Type Flying Leads
حزمة النقلVpc OPP Bag Vpc Box Vpc Carton
درجة حرارة العمل-5-60ºC
Production Capacity500000PCS/Month
Max Acting Frequency5 times/S
UsageSafety, Emptying, Drain, Temperature Control, Flow Control

A double orifice air valve is a type of air valve that is used in water supply and distribution systems to release air from the system and prevent the buildup of air pockets, which can cause flow disruptions and reduce the efficiency of the system.

The double orifice by China double orifices air vavle supplier design of the air valve allows for both the release of air and the intake of air into the system. The valve typically features two orifices, one for air release and one for air intake, which are connected by a common chamber. When air accumulates in the system, the air release orifice opens to allow the air to escape, while the air intake orifice opens to admit air into the system to prevent a vacuum from forming.

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