Waters 2021 Work Conference Held Successfully

Sep 14, 2022 | Nouvelles

The law returns to the spring, and Vientiane begins to renew. The TWT 2021 working meeting was successfully held at headquarters in February 20, 2021. TWT chairman wang development, manufacturing center director xing fengchun, technical research center director cai shoulian and the company’s various departments management personnel attended the meeting.

The meeting mainly defined the 2021 work direction and planning for each functional line and department of TWT, and determined the business objectives and commitments. All the participants concentrated their efforts and made a new journey!

In the first phase of the meeting, TWT Chairman Wang Kafa announced the 2021 organizational structure adjustment plan. Environment determines strategy, strategy determines organization. When the internal and external environment of the enterprise changes, the enterprise strategy will inevitably change, and the new strategy must have the corresponding organizational structure to support and guarantee. Donc, it is imperative to adjust the organizational structure with customer demand as the guidance, sales as the leader, technology as the core, quality as the foundation and team as the foundation!

In the second phase of the meeting, the heads of TWT centers will report the 2021 work plan. Cai Shoulian, head of TWT Technology Research Center, made a train of thought plan for 2021 work, saying that enterprises need to speed up development, upgrade management and upgrade vision! The work plan includes: 1. Comprehensively improve the professional level and ability of the overall personnel, and cooperate with the marketing department to strongly support the work of the sales department; 2. Process improvement and optimization of existing products, intelligent transformation, technical support for digital management. Three, high-performance butterfly valve optimization upgrade, pressure level to class 900,50 bar pressure difference under the two-way seal. Xing Fengchun, head of TWT manufacturing center, summarized personnel, process improvement, site and equipment, reported the work plan of 2021 departments, and proposed to realize the triple jump of enterprise development, reach the must-win determination to make TWT reach the leading position in the industry. He summed up thethree major goals”: first, the output value target of 2021 TWT’s main products reached 0.1 billion, second, the first-time qualified rate of products reached more than 98%, and third, the delivery rate on schedule reached 95%. And has worked out a detailed work plan in order to achieve thethree major objectives. Wei Dongting, TWT financial manager, carried out the 2021 work plan of the enterprise financial system from four aspects: first, continuously carry out the exemplary management of accounting to prevent and resolve risks; Second, continue to do a good job in increasing income and reducing expenditure, and further promote the degree of increasing profits and creating profits; Third, strengthen budget management to ensure the realization of the company’s business objectives; Fourth, accurately and efficiently serve sales, procurement, production and other departments, fully support the sales of bidding and payment needs.

In the third stage of the meeting, TWT chairman Wang carried out the meeting summary. Chairman Wang of the board made comments and work requirements on the operating results and objectives of each department of the company. Clear work requirements and instructions were given to various departments. TWT employees at all levels should organically combine and implement the cognition, goals and responsibilities of the company’s corporate goals and personal goals. It is expected that after three years, TWT can meet the conditions of shareholding reform, TWT people work together, go all out, and jointly realize TWT’s mission: let made in China be respected by the world, and make TWT one of the most respected valve factories in the same industry. 2021, all the colleagues of TWT have achieved the company’s 2021 and operation objectives in an all-round way with a never-slack mental state and an indomitable attitude of struggle. Only when you are full of energy and start again, not afraid of dangers and hardships, can you overcome obstacles, ride the wind and waves, and write a new chapter of TWT in the competition between the market and the industry!