F900 Series Y Type filter

Écart de température


Gamme de taille


Norme de connexion


Type de connexion

À bride


Description du produit

Paramètres du produit

Gamme de tailleDN50~DN800
Écart de température-20℃~220℃
Norme de connexionANSI·DIN·BS·GB
Type de connexionÀ bride
Matériaux du corpsFonte;Fonte ductile
Filter20-hole stainless steel filter
Cock materialWrought iron


Caractéristiques et avantages

The opening size of the filter screen is 3 times the size of the main road, which effectively reduces the flow resistance.
·High-strength stainless steel filter screen prevents water impact deformation.
·La surface et l'intérieur du corps de vanne sont recouverts de résine époxy, and the sealing packing meets the hygienic standard.
·The valve body is equipped with a machined valve seat, and a threaded valve seat is configured in the valve cover, which is convenient for the accurate alignment of the filter screen.
·The filter screen is equipped with a special trumpet-shaped opening at the upstream port, and the unique structure makes the fluid not hindered when passing through the filter.
·Optional with quick sewage switch device, easy to clean the dirt.