Descripción del Producto

Parametros del producto

Rango de tamañoDN50~DN800
Rango de temperatura-20℃~100℃
Materiales del cuerpoHierro fundido;Hierro dúctil
Material del discoAcero inoxidable;Bronze
·Structure length complies with EN 558-1, basic series 48 (DE 3202 F6) ·Soft seal complies with EN 12334


Características y ventajas

The load spring is used to quickly shut down and eliminate the counter current impact and water hammer.

Stainless steel or bronze inner parts, high wear resistance, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance.

Can be installed in a horizontal position, or in the vertical position;

Seal packing meets hygienic standard.

The surface of the valve body and epoxy resin coating.

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